Easter Sunday has come and gone…Now what?

    If the resurrection is merely something we confess, celebrate, and sing about on Easter Sunday, but don’t live out each and every day, then everything we did at church on Easter was a complete waste of time.
    I believe in the resurrection because I believe I have encountered the resurrected Christ in my own life.  None of us walking the Earth today was there the day Jesus walked out of the tomb.  We didn’t get to stand beside Thomas and put our fingers through the nail marks in Jesus’ hands.  We all missed out on that wonderful post-Easter breakfast with Jesus and the disciples on the seashore.  And, of course, neither science nor archaeology will ever confirm the reality of the resurrection.
    So, the only “proof” we have that what we say happened actually happened,  is the way we live in this post-resurrection world.  That is to say, the only way we can claim that the resurrection really happened is if it is still really happening in and through us.  Do we live like the kingdom of God really is dawning? Are our lives marked by the love, grace, forgiveness, mercy and compassion of the resurrection? When people see us,  do they see the resurrected Christ living through us? Because if they don’t, if our lives bear no marks of the resurrection, then there is no proof that the resurrection ever happened.  Or worse, if our lives bear no marks of the resurrection, then we deny the resurrection with our lives.  In other words, if we don’t live out the resurrected life, then every song we sang was a waste of breath.  Every cry of hallelujah was hollow.  Every sermon just empty words.  And every minute we spent in church celebrating was a waste of time.  But if we really believe that Easter was a day worth celebrating,  if we really believe in a world being made new,  if we really believe in a resurrected Jesus,  Then we must live like we believe!  We must live like the tomb really is empty! We must live like Jesus really is alive! And we must live like the world really is being made new! Otherwise, Easter Sunday is just an excuse to get dressed up and buy lots of candy.
       Now bring on Spring and lets continue to celebrate a risen Savior!  He’ll still be alive tomorrow!            Pastor Ray